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Western Sea & Liquid Waves ft. Hannah Eve - Inside You / Love Above All

Switzerland and Russia unite as Western Sea and Liquid Waves come through on Digital Blus’s 42nd release. It’s the answer to the universe, you know. The two have been putting forth quite an effort, with upcoming releases on Inform Records and Live History, in addition to remaining a staple on Blu Saphir’s digital imprint. Western Sea has collaborated with Cnof for Fizzy Beats. Keep your eyes peeled for Liquid Waves’s efforts on Atmomatix and Soul Deep. Featured on Love Above All, Hannah Eve is a pronounced singer/songwriter and drum ’n bass vocal seductress – her talents have landed her on collaborations alongside the likes of Phil Tangent; HumaNature, Surplus and Subdivision; ...

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Lao Wai - Wiping Brains EP (Blu Saphir Limited 009)

Lao Wai is smashing it proper all over the drum 'n bass circuit. From playing gigs around the world (the man just recently tore up Italy!) to releases on Natured Beatz and Horizons Music (alongside long time collaborator, Release), the future looks bright for this rising star.As seen with this EP, Lao Wai does it dark, deep and can take the music to the deepest confines of your soul – a truly fresh sound amidst much of the cookie cutter cut-n-paste these days.LAO WAI – WIPING BRAINS EP – B...

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Cnof - All I Need EP (DIGITAL BLUS 041)

Beginning 2017 with a bang, the one that stands above any structure or rules, CNOF is at it again on the Digital Blus imprint – this time with a four track EP entitled All I Need. 2016 proved to be a solid year for the Russian, with releases on Se-Lek-Shuhn, DIGI Nuggets, Elixir, Live History, LW Recordings, Soul Deep, and many more. Be sure to check out his latest feature on Liquid Drops “5 Years”.DIGIBLUS041 – CNOF – ALL I NEED EPA. I DON'T WANNA LEAVE U B. FLAVAC. ALL I NEED (FT. MC...

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Various Artists - Kind Of Blu Part 2 (DIGITAL BLUS 040LP)

Digital Blus has always been at the forefront of the smoother styles of drum 'n bass – liquid, deep, rolling tunes that know exactly how to hit the bass bin and get the floor moving. Kind of Blu Part II is no different. Comprised of 18 tracks (nearly two hours of play!) balanced nicely between friends that have already had releases on Digital Blus; and those who are just stepping on board, there is more than enough content to sway too regardless of your preferred style. DIGIBLUS040 – VARIOU...

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Seibel - Gravitational Waves / Nuts (Blu Saphir Limited)

Hailing from Cologne, Germany and classically trained, Seibel has been a drum 'n bass enthusiast since 2002. With releases on many labels since 2010, 2016 is looking to be a great year, already having tracks on Acid Elefant and Paperfunk Recordings.BLUSLTD008 – SEIBEL A. GRAVITATIONAL WAVESB. NUTSSUPPORT BY MUFFLER, RANDOM MOVEMENT, LOGAN D, SKORE AND MANY MOREA. GRAVITATIONAL WAVESComing up slowly, melody paves the way as the intro builds. Bass-driven drums open up to an attack of drums. As i...

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