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Schematic - Too Much / Grey Days

Label release schedules don't always go to plan, and though we were planning to release Schematic's Switch EP as the next release, we thought it would be a nice gesture to give our audience a bit of a teaser to the EP instead. Keep steady though. The Switch EP is up next, following this duo of deep rolling magic.BLUSAPHIR025: SCHEMATICA. SCHEMATIC: TOO MUCHB. SCHEMATIC: GREY DAYS RELEASE DATE: 12.12.2014A: TOO MUCHMelodic stabs and vibrational pads lead to a flanged 'drop.' A male in turmoil expresses his disposition while somber chords create the mood. Further advancement sees 'Too Much' building as sounds layer atop one another, drums switch up, and the euphoric vibes head straight to the ...

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Various Artists - Kind Of Blu LP

Digital Blus' first album, Kind of Blu, houses a team of liquid/deep drum & bass artists that come from a variety of locations and record labels, coming together for one reason – the love for rolling, dancefloor-moving drum & bass. Indulging in the many cultures and scenes across the world, we've brought together a roster of artists from Poland, Russia, Brazil, Austria, Turkey, and Serbia; representing the likes of LuvDisaster Records, Good Looking, Influenza, Liquid Brilliants, Kos.Mo...

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Maject - Breaking / Claps

Maject is the amalgamation of Russian producers, Iwem and Iga. Known for crossing the entire bass music spectrum, the two indulge in drum 'n bass, dubstep, glitch-hop and the freshly-coined, neuro-hop Their futuristic sounds can be heard on Eatbrain, Adapted Records, Authentic Music, Breakout, Celsius, Disturbed, Dub Monkey, Turbine Music and many more. BLUS024: MAJECTA. BREAKINGB. CLAPSA: BREAKINGDark atmospheres stomp into the track while uplifting melodies plunge the listener into the song. S...

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Hayato - Neighbors / Hot These Days

Japan's Hayato Saito is at it again, releasing a duo of musical slammers on Blu Saphir LTD for release number six. Revisiting Hayato's last release at the genesis of our new sub-label, the Tokyo native puts his progress on display with Hot These Days and Neighbors. Easily reminiscent of the sound design from a futuristic movie, the man is already making serious waves in the drum 'n bass scene across the world. Don't forget to check his release, Traveler on Disturbing the Peace Volume 1, put out ...

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Hoob - Tekksteppa / Obsession 6

HOOB is an Austrian Drum & Bass producer that the masses should definitely keep an eye on. As silly as his character is (his MySpace user name is ‘drumandbasssucks), the man has been spitting out topnotch releases on some of the scene’s most diverse labels, including Point Audio, Abducted Records, and High Tension. He claims to make so-called “uplifting drum ‘n bass,” but we at Blu Saphir Limited see his sound as a smorgasbord of rugged textures, deep soundscapes and brilliant prod...

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