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Schematic - Trapped / Trapped V.I.P. (Blu Saphir 032)

If you've been around the liquid/roller scene for a while, there is no doubt that you have seen Schematic's name pop up, especially alongside the Blu Saphir Recs. Schematic has had multiple releases across the label camp, including Switch EP, Too Much, Grey, and a plethora of others dating back to 2012. As of late, our man from Canada has released singles on Hospital Records and Technique Records (alongside Polaris and Victor Davies); and Inner City Dance, throughout the summer. BLUS032 – SCHEMATICA.  TRAPPEDB.  TRAPPED VIPSUPPORT BY: LTJ BUKEM, SIMON BASSLINE SMITH, RANDOM MOVEMENT, DJ SILVER, MUFFLER, DRUMAGICK AND MANY MORE...A. TRAPPEDClassic liquid vibes here. Schematic roll...

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Brain. - Let It Go EP (Blu Saphir 031)

Brain. is a Colombian native that has been paving the way since 2009. He has releases on Luv Disaster (Brazil), Serial Killaz (UK), and Soul Deep (USA). His style is quite expansive, housing liquid funk, deep and minimal sounds. 2016 has seen many accolades in Brain's legacy,  including a top spot at Bogota's Official Launch Party for Outlook Festival (hosted by his crew, Re.set) alongside Lenzman and DJ Breakfast out of Denmark. He's got a fresh release on Fractal Recordings, and a new pod...

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Ant To Be - Funky Weekends / Bossa From Nova (Digital Blus 039)

Ant To Be hails from Russia and has been playing and producing throughout the electronic genre since 2006. Having dabbled in a wide array of music styles including: drum 'n bass, old school, jungle, 2-step, UK breakbeat hardcore, and breaks, his releases span the globe on Influenza Media, Touch my 12”, Textures Music Group, Artist Recordings., HC Recordings, Respect Recordings, Mind In Side Recordings, and UP Music.Not one to leave anything out, he also showcases a downtempo, lounge and chill ...

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Bassface Sascha & Franksen - Jazz In Motion EP (Blu Saphir 030)

Blu Saphir's first release of 2016 sees Germany’s true school jungle pioneer Bassface Sascha team up with his long-time buddy Franksen, putting together a mighty effort in the Jazz in Motion EP. Together they released on labels such as Visionary’s Dance Rock, Sidechain Music, Beatalistics and many more. This highly musical yet pushing EP has been a while in the making - and we’re proud to say we know why… pure quality here!Bassface Sascha is coming off the back of a bunch of releases in ...

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Krot - Various - Bedroom Novel (Digital Blus 038)

Kirill Orlov, better known to the drum 'n bass world as Krot is back again on the Blu Saphir rotation, this time in a solo journey from the world and into the Bedroom Novel EP. We're not sure what that means exactly, but what we can tell you is that this soulful release packs spine-warming bass, crown chakra-opening pianos, luscious vocals, and soothing strings – everything needed for a blissful night on the dance floor. You won't want to miss this one! And when you're done listening here, go ...

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