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Sequences - Ethos EP - Blu Saphir Limited 011

Sequences hails from the United Kingdom and currently resides in France. Brought up as a DJ slaying such grandiose festivals as Boomtown Fair and Glastonbury. His noted DJ skills took him into the studio in 2015, also ranking a release with Subplate Recordings, just before Jay Rome took note of this talented individual. Sequences also has a slew of collaborations in the works with Ivoree, Sentic Cycle, Envy, and Lao Wei. BLUSLTD011: SEQUENCES – ETHOS EP A. RISKS B. ETHOS C. ARCHITECT D. LEFT BEHIND SUPPORT BY: ALIX PEREZ, JOHN B, MUFFLER, LUMARACHI AND MANY MORE  RISKS: Straight dark business along the lines of Cause4Concern here. Synthesized neuro breathes through the atmospher...

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Rafau Etamski - So Sweet (BLUS036)

Rafau Etamski's newest release on Blu Saphir Recordings, So Sweet, is a magnetic follow-up to his tune “Feel Me” which was part of the Magdalena EP released in 2017 on the same label. This comes off the heels of the his massive release on Celsius Recordings (Need You), also given play on Noisia's radio show. With no sign of slowing down, 2018 looks to be a brilliant year for Polish drum 'n bass. BLUS036 – RAFAU ETAMSKI A. SO SWEET SUPPORT BY: MUFFLER, JOHN B, RANDOM MOVEMENT, C4C, DANNY W...

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Emphasis ft.Unvariable - Various - Seasons EP (BLUS035)

The last time we heard from these three artists, Emphasis and Unvariable swooned the masses with their piano-stepper, I Need You on the Kind of Blu Part II LP. The two also have a new release on Principle Recordings.BLUS035 – EMPHASIS FT. UNVARIABLE SEASONS EPA. THE LINE ft. UnvariableB. VOICES ft. UnvariableC. WAVES ft. UnvariableD. SEASONS SUPPORT BY: Logistics, Phil:osophy, Etherwood, Monty, Random Movement, Muffler, McLeod, BigBud, Logan D and many moreOpening up the EP like a lovely walk ...

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Sentic Cycle - Various - Kongo EP (BLUSLTD010)

Sentic Cycle hails from Vienna, Austria with other releases on Citrus Recordings and Delta 9 Recordings. Rugged and versatile, the man dives deep into the sounds of rough half tempo and bass music. Listen to his other releases and you'll see what we mean.   BLUSLTD010 – SENTIC CYCLE - KONGO EP A. KONGO B. COCA C. HUE D. GUANA     Starting things out with that classic Metalheadz vibe, riding on the pads, KONGO cues up that old school Roni Size sound from the 90s with the jazzy f...

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Milkyway - The Future Is Here EP (BLUS034)

Milkyway is the collaboration of a relatively new duo of electronica producers from Ukraine. Beginning their journey in 2016, the couple have already been picked up by drum 'n bass heavyweights, Hospital Recordings, and its' sister label, Med School. Now on Blu Saphir Recordings, prepare to dance and get electrified.BLUS034 – MILKYWAY – THE FUTURE IS HERE EPA. THE FUTURE IS HEREB. MINTC. UNICORNS AND RAINBOWSSupport by : DJ MARKY, SIMON BASSLINE SMITH, MUFFLER, C4C, RANDOM MOVEMENT...Milkywa...

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