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Twintone discovered his love for music already in school. Back then he founded a band together with a friend which after several changes in style and formation even played on stage. Therefore the feeling for music never vanished.
A few years later and a bunch of experiences richer he decided to break up with his band.

One day he heard something that has changed his whole life up until now. The first Metalheads release...

Breakbeats - they left such an imprint that he couldn’t think of anything else than producing breakbeats himself.

And so the story took its way and led to his first single in 1999 ,"fearless Calypso". It was released on the well known Frankfurt based label "Position Chrome". The critics were exited and the label owner was eager to hear more of his tunes. This led to his first album "Parallel Universe" in 2000 which had a very good response by the media and the crowds also helping "Position Chrome" to be announced as that years best foreign drum and bass label by the famous knowledge mag.

A second album followed called : "the world domination enterprises" which hit the playlist of john peel on bbc radio one.

Due to internal problems his third album which is much more donated to the so called "liquid style" never got released on vinyl, but we managed to release it online at Twintone now follows this thread with pop influenced catchy bouncing and funky drum and bass in his own particular way.

"I Try" which is one of Twintones newest pieces was produced together with DJ Rome and is definitely a drum and bass roller in its own way.

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