Need That Girl

TheEgo & DJ Roots - Need That Girl
  • Artist: TheEgo & DJ Roots
  • Label: Digital Blus
  • Released: 29-07-2011
    • TheEgo & DJ Roots - Need That Girl
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TheEgo & DJ Roots - Need That Girl


THEEGO & DJ ROOTS have become a staple to the Blu Saphir family. With such notable releases as CONQUEST SYSTEM (with BUNGLE) and UNIVERSE (featuring ILL-ESHA) (BLUS007); and AKEMI (DIGIBLUS003), the Brazilian duo prepare for summer with another funky, jazzy, upbeat number.


Furiously driven drums rev up the engine, as synthesized guitars instate the vibe. Smooth, jazzy licks create the illusion of an accelerating tempo that leads us towards the first drop. This tune SCREAMS summer time vibes! Beaches, cold drinks, Bar-B-Q by the pool, and beautiful people half-dressed (or beautifully dressed!) ready for fun in the sun… or the nightclub! TheEgo & DJ Roots let loose with some squelchy toughness leading up to the break. Slowing down to a breakbeat-infused housey feel to vibe it out with some good friends as smiles and hands permeate the air, it isn’t long before the drums are back on track as we shoot up to the second drop. Wicked work!

Words by Bryan Friedman (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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