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Martin Hansen a.k.a Bionic1 is a Sweden based Drum n Bass producer. Martin has been devoted to various kinds of music since an early age. At the age of 11 he picked up the drum sticks for the first time and some years later the guitar as well. Martin has played in various bands on the extreme side of Metal/Hard Core in the past.

Around the year 2000 the energetic sounds of the U.K Drum n Bass scene started to leak through the Swedish radio speakers, which instantly caught his attention and inspired him to dig deeper. The raw energy felt similar to the music he used to play; a seed has been planted.

Around the year 2003 Martin started to build up a small studio devoted to electronic music production, after a couple of years experimenting and learning the tools of the trade, it was Drum n bass all the way. In 2006 Martin had his first Drum n Bass release under the name Bionic1.

Since 2006 there has been a steady flow of releases on labels such as: Syncopix, Sync:Saphir, Planet Funk. B.I.O.S, Rubik, Hustle Audio, Point 9, Black Reign, Sidechain, All Street, FF recordings.

Bionic1′s tunes has been getting massive DJ support by many big names in the scene and received frequent rotation on radio stations such as BBC 1-Xtra and Bassdrive.

Martin a.k.a Bionic1 sees no end to the firmly built Drum n Bass scene that we all helped to construct and came to love, and is 100% dedicated to support it by all means for decades to come.