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Curiosity, the will to innovate, and a great deal of research are the hallmarks of the work by Paulo Braga, also known as DJ Roots. It was in 2001, where DJ Roots began a DJ course at the Pragatecno - an electronic music organization created in 1998 in north-northeast Brazil. There he developed a djing style that mixes jazzy, funky, soulful sounds without neglect to the various other styles that lie within drum and bass.

DJ Roots has since become a member of the Pragatecno staff. By helping establish monthly projects such as, DB and the D-Breaks, he became an integral part of the group responsible for starting the junglists movement in Bahia. Nowadays, DJ Roots has established BOOH! - the first organization solely dedicated to building and promoting the Bahia drum and bass scene.

In the beginning of 2005, he was invited by internationally acclaimed Brazilian musician Fernanda Porto to participate in her performance at the Carnival de Salvador, an event promoting her most recent album, Giramundo. DJ Roots had produced remix work to be used in the performance.

Daring and versatility are also marks of the DJ Roots' s work. In 2005, a partnership with Rafael Ponde produced a drum and bass remix of Sorriso de Flor. This became the first track released on Marky and XRS's Innerground Records. Together with Marky and another rising Brazilian dj/producer, Bungle, they produced a track entitled, Restart, which was featured on High Contrast's Fabric Live compilation late in 2005. He also remixed tunes by German-based Phoneheads - Buscape and Roll That Stone. The latter utilized the vocal talents of singer/MC Cleveland Watkiss of England.

Amongst the great events DJ Roots has participated in are some notable events that have highlighted phases of his career.

In 2003, when he was still part of the Pragatecno collective, he was invited to play during the Carnival of Salvador at Expresso 2222 by the minister of Brazilian culture, Gilbert Gil. This event also had in its presence, great djs in the DnB scene such as Marcus Intalex (UK), Marky and XRS. That same year, in JoÆo Person, he participated at 'Break It Down', a project realized by the Oversonix collective which also included an appearance by DJ Mad Zoo. Roots also participated at two editions of Soar Festival hosted by the Fashion Club of Salvador. These events, which hosted a public attendance of more than 3,000 fans, included popular figures such as DJs Patife, Marky and XRS, as well as MCs Fats and Cleveland Watkiss, thus marking the beginning of a consolidated scene in the Bahian capital.

In 2004, Roots played for the first time in the electronic tent of Festival de VerÆo Salvador, the event that occurs before the Bahian Carnival with attendance of more than 50,000 people each day. That April, during a brief tour of SÆo Paulo, Roots played in two of the larger weekly projects, one of them being the 'Vibe' night at Lov.e Club hosted by DJ Marky. In May, he was invited by Chris DB to participate in the writing of the 3Breakers Combat! DVD project in Fortaleza. To round out 2004, Roots was invited to tour with DJ Patife including events such as a beach party at Stella Maris in Salvador.

In 2005 he participated again at the electronic tent at the Festival de VerÆo Salvador. In 2005's Carnival of Bahia, he played together with Fernanda Porto in the electronic trio of Daniela Mercury. Luminaries such as Ramiro Mussoto and Ramilson Maia were also in attendance. In April, he played once again at DJ Marky's 'Vibe' weekly at Lov.e Club in SÆo Paulo. To round out the year, Roots played at Calbuque, Yanay and Marcelinho's clubnight 'Fever' hosted at the House of Matrix. With a driving passion and inspiration to spread the music of Drum and Bass.

DJ Roots
continues to push the scene forward in his homeland and beyond.......

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