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Vandera is researching the effects of psychoactive medicines on the brain (as a scientist) during the day, while at night, the Dutchman composes bass music with surprisingly similar psychostimulant properties.

His melodically rich sounds are easily administered intra-aurally, with certain pressure waves specifically engineered to blow minds on big rig sound systems. Also available on the market are more blissful hallucinogenic sounds designed for afterparties or autonomic use. Both varieties from Amsterdam’s psychonaut Vandera are exemplified here, and since 2012 signed to the legendary Good Looking Records.

His waveforms have been featured on UKF, BBC Radio1, Liquicity, and are getting support from Friction, Fabio, Grooverider, Bryan Gee and LTJ Bukem. Of particular depth and fluidity are Vandera's key-matched mixes, which have been nominated for DubstepForum awards in 2011 and 2012 and won him the Deepheads – Vandera-deep-heads-mix-comp mix competition in 2013.

Vandera's live harmonic mixes have reached clubs around the world, having headline clubs in Russia, Europe and the UK. In 2013, Vandera's debute in club Fabric was, judging by the crowd's response, a huge success, and established him as true GoodLooking dubplate warrior.

For bookings, sending tunes, or anything slightly related, send a message through soundcloud or find the mad scientist on AIM: vanderamusic.

Disclaimer: With any of Vandera’s compounds, repeated administration has been shown to result in a heightened state of consciousness, uncontrolled nodding of the head and persistent yet pleasant psychological dependence.

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