Blu Saphir



André Sobota started to get in touch with music at the age of seven when he learned to play several instruments on his own in a few years. His main influences were rock bands like Deep Purple and Yes. He participated in an instrumental rock band called "Shine", for which he released an album in 2002.

It was in 2001 that André had greater contact with electronic music, he has been mainly inspired by the track "Get Back" by XRS Land and by DJ Markys performances. That was the initual point where he started producing drum'n'bass. His chosen pseudonym became from now on Bungle, which he reffers to the group Mr. Bungle that he heard a lot at the time. In 2003 it was then time for his first release which was part of a compilation selected by producer and dj Ramilson Maia, with the track "Yes I Know". From then on his productions began to attract the attention of several Brazilian DJs and Bungle started to produce together with several other artists, such as Mikrob, Ney Faustini, Vinícius Vandré and DJ Marky.

The partnership with DJ Marky in 2005 yielded several successes and projected Bungle internationally. The first album, called "Down to Earth", was released in 2007 on C.I.A. Records, a UK label runned by the English duo Total Science. In March of the same year, Bungle went on for his first world tour to promote his album. In drum'n'bass, his main influences are artists such as Break, Caliber, Noisia, Cause 4 Concern, Omni Trio, Marcus Intalex, Bad Company and Pendulum.