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Chino & Submorphics – Jade Sunrise / Revisions (BLUS006)

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The last few years have been a turning point in the more chilled out styles of drum 'n bass. Many new labels are being formed, and some would begin to question where to start looking for the most eclectic music. Rising in the shadows of a long list of liquid legends including Defunked, Renegade Recordings, Hospital, Creative Source and Good Looking, Blu Saphir rolls through with its' second release of 2007, featuring Chino and Submorphics.

Chino, Submorphics

A: Chino - Jade Sunrise
B: Submorphics - Revisions

Both tunes are being played by: Mace, Redeyes, Greg Packer, Makoto

Jade Sunrise:
I can't start this review without first starting how magnificent this tune is. Beautiful arpeggios sweep forward from the intro, but it's not long at all before the bassline drops. Dance floor vibes and a sexy sax line emphasize the top before an even more spine-tingling midi melody puts this one over. The mid-point of the tune sees a attractively sung vocal bridge before section A comes back around. There's nothing else to say about this one. It's definitely one of the best Blu Saphir has put out since day one!

Fix your televisions! Submorphics coming through your speakers! Starting out a bit harder than the previous, Submorphics do a great job in sustaining the energy created on side A. A man singing about his girl “standing by him” repeats throughout the tune amidst vastly filtered atmospherics. A nicely picked bassline accompanies the latter, as the tune comes around full circle to finish out number 6 to the end.