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Contour aka 501 is a drum and bass/dubstep producer who currently lives in Helsinki Finland

Jussi Leväsalmi
 started playing guitar almost 10 years ago and he's been writing music for about just as long. He got introduced to sampling around -98 by dj Shadow and he's been messing around with ideas of making beats and tunes ever since.

He has been playing in live bands quite a lot, but as he didn't find that satisfying enough he started doing it all by himself. Rhythm and bass have always been the two things he mainly focuses on even though Contour started as a guitarist.

Currently he says he's in the midst of an endless search for the right organic soundsContour hasn't really been studying theory in a classical sense; he says he's just had a good teacher who brought him close to all the essential roots stuff yet letting him discover them by himself. "Most definitely jazz has taught me everything I know about harmony, but the rhythms in my mind come from hip hop.

The experience he has earned thru the years from playing in various live bands and from writing music in different genres has helped him develop the soulful live sound his music represents today.

Contour's music of the mind includes 50's and 60's jazz, 70's funk, 80's fusion and a slight touch of classical music. From drum and bass artists, High Contrast and Blue Sonix should be equally mentioned.