Cosmology & ARTL - Tech Love Story / Understand (DIGIBLUS035)
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  • Label: Digital Blus
  • Released: 13-08-2015
    • Cosmology - Tech Love Story
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    • ARTL - Understand
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Cosmology & ARTL - Tech Love Story / Understand (DIGIBLUS035)

Cosmology is an accomplished producer hailed by a vibrant list of heavyweights of the drum 'n bass scene, including Fabio (as well as featured on his Ministry of Sound Radio show), EZ Rollers, Intelligent Manners, LTJ Bukem, Stunna, Random Movement, Ashattack, Nookie, and many more. His releases can be found on the likes of Soul Deep, Good Looking, Phuzion Digital, Fokuz, and Liquid Drops, to name a few.

ARTL stands for A Reason to Live. Hailing from Philadelphia, USA, “Ptr V.O.” began the project in 2001 after spending many hours adventuring into the world of and searching out quality drum 'n bass music. ARTL has collaborated with the likes of Cy Tamura, Contrail, and RDST. ARTL also collaborates with Contrail as Conart.




Twisted pads and risers show the world why Cosmology has his name. Taking us on a trip through the cosmos, vocal samples are complimented by acoustic strings, just seconds before the drop hits and female vocals become prominent. A sneaky trumpet riff dwells in the background as the Tech Love Story becomes more melodic. 'Space bass' outlines the break briefly before the drums hit again.


Undoubtedly one of the most concentrated and musical liquid releases of 2015, ARTL uses multiple layers of instrumentation and intelligent break patterns to keep the vibe rolling, while throwing in an occasional switch-up in breaks to keep the listener on their toes. The opening introduces classic rhodes keys atop smooth male vocals. Once the drop hits, jazzy flutes take the stage and the pressure increases. Additional instrumentation includes classic piano keys, trumpets, and bass. A breathy break tones down the track for a moment, before the second drop hits! Sensational!

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Words by Bryan Friedman (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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