Blu Saphir


Dinho MK3

Member of the alternative electronic family along with such names as DJ Marky, Patife, Fernanda Porto, Rodrigo Barney and others from the English scene, Dinho Mk3 grew up during the black shiny vinyl era: his father repaired broken electronic equipament and gave his son the old record players that come into the shop. His favorite toy soon gave him the chance to express himself artistically. At the mature age of just sixteen, with a pair of pick-ups and new records he set out on his course for E-Music.

After a lot of hard training at keeping the ‘samba’ at bay during the mixes – and finding that no matter how determined one is it is virtually impossible – the perfectionist Dinho Mk3 broadened his work and became an acknowledged DJ in Sao Paulo’s vast electronic scene.

He has been a DJ since 1992 and a producer since 1996. During his career, he has learned to get the most out of foreing influences to enrich his own culture. He has become very skilful at using universal elements in his music and is committed to the task of finding new outlets for E-Music.

His next trump card: to add organic natural sounds to his drum beats and fiery basslines.