Blu Saphir


DJ Roots

Curiosity, willingness to innovate and a lot of research. Three characteristics of the work of Paulo Braga, the DJ Roots, with drum'n' bass. It was in 2002 that the designer joined the course of djing Pragatecno - electronic music center founded in 1998 in the north-northeast - and since then became part of the group's staff. His set mix styles as jazzy, liquid funk and soulful, without forgetting, however, walking through other styles in broken beats'n'bass drum.

The boldness and versatility are also marks the creations of Roots, which includes remixes of "Madalena" by Elis Regina and "Nega do cabelo duro" of the Planet Hemp. His first track, "Come in," was produced in 2003, in a partnership with DJ Môpa. Then produced "Space Lover" soulfull band with enough groove. But always the side of research, DJ Roots accepted the challenge to create with freedom and inspiration, always seeking to spread and expand the scene drum'n'bass.