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Andrey is a rapidly progressing 31 years old Russian DnB producer. His musical career started in 2005 when he and his mates decided to form the alternative melodic rock group. But due to the creative differences with group members, Andrey leaves the group and totally changes his creativity direction.

He decides to start writing electronical music. He chose DnB from all the genres because of its originality and diversity. In Andrey’s tunes more calm and melodic, but at the same time dance part of DnB music with great influence of jungle and ragga jungle is demonstrated.

At the same time his tunes are greatly influenced by lots of different music that Andrey listens, starting with classical hard rock and finishing with hip-hop and breakbeat tunes. Also, Andrey is a beginner DJ, ready to present his tunes and the most interesting stuff from the DnB scene to the people.

His tracks takes support from: London Elektricity, Jay Rome, Stunna, Presha, Mutated Forms, Dj Disaszt, Enei, Gvozd, Subterra and many more.