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Electrosoul System & Bionic1 – Fun (Henree Remix) / Love Machine (BLUSYNC002)

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Electrosoul System
, Bionic1, Henree

A: Fun (Henree Remix)
B: Love Machine

Before listening to this remix, you might want to revisit the original to notice the change in texture and sound. Henree definitely lays it down with this remix. Bass heavy and driving, you'll feel bass quakes rolling through the floor as this one passes through the sound system. The opening resembles the original, but that's all you're going to get that hasn't really changed. The moody chord progression that is stabilized throughout the track is enough to make a spine tingle, while the minimal vocal adds spice and atmosphere to an already amazing work. Very melodic and uplifting, an excellent choice in remix selection for this record!


There is not just one word to describe this track. One second you're locked inside some type of futuristic space encounter, and then bombarded by techy stabs and vicious bass in the next. Following a sexy and seductive vocal, “Wanna go for a ride?,” all chaos breaks loose! Rolling tech funk is the name of the game here! Fans of labels like DNAudio, Black Reign LTD, Quarantine, Critical and Shadow Law will want to check into this one!