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Ferice · In:Most - Pieces Feat. Dale May (Ferice Remix)

Ferice alias David Juhász, is a DJ and Producer living in Salzburg, Austria, who is known for his love to Liquid and Deep Drum and Bass.

Influenced with a variety of different kinds of musical genres through his father and brother, he began to play drums with 8 years, which certainly lead him to the right track.

At the age of 15, he visited his first Drum and Bass Partys like Beatshot, Mainframe.

This kind of music was casting a spell on him, which never left since then. He soon started Djing for fun and began producing a couple years later. In 2019, he became the latest member of Breakfast DNB, since then Ferice is constantly developing his sound, spending nights and days to create the music he is living.