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Furney is James Fearnside, aged 30, based in Aylesbury but born in Bradford. He first got into dance music by listening to mixtapes from the early acid and hardcore DJs kindly supplied by his older sister. As these DJs moved into drum & bass James followed them and his sister has clearly been a big influence.

"I started DJing because she used to make me spend money on all these records, I didn't a clue what I was buying but she used to point all the tunes out to me. I was always fascinated by home-produced music too and an Atariand an Akai were the next things to get if you already had Technics and wanted to be taken seriously."

Describe the Furney sound, not so much in terms of genre but the kind of moods and feelings you're trying to create: "I like the mystical, dreamy vibe, music that makes you think about things or feel a certain way, or puts you in a different place, rather than something that's easy to dance to on drugs. Music with a bit of stickability."