Blu Saphir


Grinda x Nic ZigZag – Lies / Merciless Tenderness (Blu Saphir 046)

Grinda began his career as a DJ in 2004, soon working in sound engineering in 2007 alongside Nic ZigZag. The two have produced tracks as solo producers and as a duo for DNBB Records , texturemusicgroup and Offworld Recordings . Nic ZigZag also released alongside Grinda two albums under the Respect imprint, “Kaiser's Stuff" and "Share Dreams", in 2008 and 2009, respectively. He also released in the last years on one of the biggest labels in the game RAM Records

Support by: John B, Reid Speed, Dj Suv, Simplification, BRK, DJ Muffler, Random Movement, NEVE, North Base, Cause4Concern, Bassface Sascha, Stunna

A: Lies
The bassline growls as the intro fluctuates. The build goes steady accented by keys, and it’s all forward-driven momentum at this point. The track is an example of what good a great floor mover is. Be it a lounge or a big festival, it is no LIE that this will rock any place.

B: Merciless Tenderness
Merciless Tenderness is kind of brutal. Intense cinematics bring it in with authentic bass and vocals that penetrate. One who listen to this one might be brought back to the old days.

Design by Rudolf Matejecek
Text by Bryan Friednan