Blu Saphir


Ill Esha

For the last decade, ill-esha has been an integral part of the underground DJ scene. Beginning as a vocalist, she soon added MCing and DJing to her repertoire, creating a dynamic and unique live show which has headlined alongside artists such as Andy C, Klute, Dieselboy, LTJ Bukem, Grooverider, Moving Fusion, Ray Keith, T-Power, De La Soul and even Hilary Duff. A regular favourite in cities like New York and Toronto, Ill-Esha has performed in over 40 cities across North America, Asia and Europe, appearing on MTV Canada's video countdown and featured as the in-house DJ in the pilot season of "Zed" (a Canadian national television show).

In 2001 her first 12" single (a collab with producer Datcyde) was released on New York label Breakbeat Science and achieved critical acclaim, selling out its first pressing and subsequently remixed, repressed and licensed for mix compilations. Since then ill-esha has completed a degree in Audio Engineering and worked steadily as a vocalist and producer, continuously releasing dance music and composing for film, television and multimedia. In 2006, she was honoured with a "Best New Producer" award from the local dance community

Beginning work on her first solo project in mid-2006, "The Perfect Circuit" will finally be released in early 2008. Encompassing a decade of global travel, an infinity of musical tastes, and simultaneous passions for technology and nature, the album is an emotional fusion of acoustic and electronic elements. An exciting live performance is under development which will showcase ill-esha's many talents as a live PA artist, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, backed up by equally multitalented performers. Look out for this dynamic stage version of "musical chairs" coming soon to a venue near you!