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Implex – Surfing On A Rocket / Whiskey Bar (BLUS021)

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Kirill Kalashnikov, better known as Implex, has been surfing the waves on high profile drum & bass labels including Formation, Med School, Celsius, Fokuz, and Covert Operations. In addition to touring around Russia and Europe throughout his tenure as a producer, Kirill goes by his surname, Kalashnikov while producing bass and house music. He has been featured by Mix Mag,Knowledge, Resident, and has collaborated with Enei, Mav and Flame.


A. Surfing On A Rocket
B. Whiskey Bar

Now you stumble out of the Whiskey Bar and decide to Surf on a Rocket. I'm not sure if this is a joke by the artist, but I promise you'll be dancing by the end of this one. A wonkey lead brings in the spanish strings, nicely accented with bass horn stabs and squelchy rolling bass. Psychedelic era style synth solos blast over the top take this one to the stars.

Rolling drums take you up the elevator and through the door. Ravey piano stabs send you straight to the bartender to order the first round. After being hit by the first piano lead, the drums take a filtered approach to the delight of the female vocals. Signature liquid bass fills the cup even higher as the 'alien antenna' find the correct frequncy. As the bass drops over and over, you might see the floor go from empty to full within a matter of seconds. Some might not understand why this number is titled as it is. Once you enter the Whiskey Bar with Implex, We promise you'll understand.