Blu Saphir




Kalle Wahlberg a.k.a. Kaleb is a 23 year old producer and saxophone player from Helsinki, the capital of Finland.
Kaleb first got introduced to the sounds of drum and bass around -96 while listening to his friends mixtapes.

He has played in a few funk/jazz bands, one of them with fellow producer Contour. He enjoys playing live but also appreciates the soundscapes and energy of electronic music. In 1998 Kaleb tried producing and has been doing it ever since. He mostly works alone but has done collaborations with different producers and musicians. His production isn't restricted to any particular genre, but it has been largely focused on the different forms of drum and bass ever since the beginning.

An introduction to fellow producer Physics was made through a mutual friend and a demo sent to Physics for his radio show. Later on they went to form Midnight Sun Recordings with Champagne.

Kaleb has released tunes on Defunked, Phuturistic Bluez, Invader, Blu Saphir Recs to name a few. Keep your eyes peeled for more.