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Kasper – Get Some / Collective Matter (DIGIBLUS022)

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Minnesota’s Anthony Kasper takes on a duo of creative, flowing numbers for the 22nd release of Digital Blus. Influenced by hip-hop, while classically trained in violin and piano makes this American a definite standout in the crowd (not to mention, his 6’4” stature). His soulful, intelligent and driving liquid drum & bass can be heard on Good Looking Records, Fokuz, Celsius, Liquid Brilliants, Midnight Sun, Pitbull, DNBR, and Kill Inc. DnB Records.


A: Get Some
B: Collective Matter

Familiar to many fans of Digital Blus Recordings, GET SOME begins with a crescendo of jazzy strings and an energetic drop of drums. A few sections of sweet choppage compliment the pads before the half-time break makes its presence temporarily felt. Classic scratch samples accentuate the drums before the second drop pops off.

Classic amens roll out this smoooooth tune. Authentically plucked basslines and ride cymbal attacks bring in some inspirational words. Then it’s to the dance we go! Funky and upbeat, Collective Matter is a tune for everyone. Once again, we’re rolling out the half-time break. This time though, authentic turntablism scratches and wind instrument stabs roll out the second half of the track. Two superb numbers from Kasper. The man’s prowess definitely shows why he’s a rising force on the liquid circuit!

SUPPORT BY:  Fabiok, LTJ Bukem and many more