Blu Saphir



"Driving. Soulful. Poised. Intelligent. A classically trained violinist & pianist turned junglist, Kasper is an artist and DJ from The Twin Cities, USA. Specializing in Liquid Drum & Bass, his classical influences are relevant in his jazzy and expressive music.

Anthony Kasper started producing music on Logic at the age of 16. Doing mostly remixes, his work began to gain a following online. A short time later in 2006, Kasper discovered drum and bass through the work of artists like Dave Owen, Submorphics, and Nu:tone.  And that was that - Anthony found his passion. The culture, community, history, and - most importantly - the Drum and Bass music inspired him like nothing else had done before.

2009 marked the release of his first track on Liquid Brilliants Recordings, and only three years later he had built a roster including record labels like goodlooking, Fokuz, Digital Blus, Celsius, Inform, and Kill Inc. Furthermore, his music has been supported by some of the DnB scene's biggest names: LTJ Bukem, Random Movement, Fabio, Simon Bassline Smith, Komatic, Techinicolour, Foreign Concept, Stunna, Mr. Joseph, Jay Rome, Paul SG, Clart, & BrokenDrum

2011 gave way to Kasper's first experience of the UK and European DnB scene.  While the rest of the students in his university's London based study abroad program were touring historical sites, he was playing gigs internationally and learning as much about production as he could.  Arriving home from the four months abroad, he immediately put his new found musical knowledge to work and stepped up his game.

Anthony Kasper is one of only a handful of artists that represent the next generation of intelligent drum and bass. Hee has risen through the ranks and readied himself to make a long lasting imprint on the drum and bass scene worldwide."