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Krot – Various – Bedroom Novel (DIGIBLUS038)

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Kirill Orlov, better known to the drum 'n bass world as Krot is back again on the Blu Saphir rotation, this time in a solo journey from the world and into the Bedroom Novel EP. We're not sure what that means exactly, but what we can tell you is that this soulful release packs spine-warming bass, crown chakra-opening pianos, luscious vocals, and soothing strings – everything needed for a blissful night on the dance floor. You won't want to miss this one! And when you're done listening here, go check out his latest release on Greypost Recordings The Universe/Galvanica.

Bedroom Novel EP:

A. Perfect Life
B. Believe
C. Fever
D. Bedroom Novel
E. Take It Back

„Love This“ - DJ Muffler 10/10
„Sick Selection Of Tunes, Love It“ - Silver 10/10
„Bangin, Love These Tracks“ - Logan D 10/10
„Really Good Release“ - Unreal 9/10
"Nice Work“ - The Insiders 8/10
"Good" - Simon Bassline Smith 7/10
"Lovely" - Saxxon 8/10

Deep kicks and pianos roll this one in, as orchestral strings creep to the foreground. Warm bass drops, igniting snuggly vibes alongside appetizing female vocals. High strings make their entrance while the drums wind it back momentarily. Another synth line and blissful arpeggios bring us into the break. Take a breath as the drums begin to move again. Bass frequencies roll in subtly as drop number two comes forth. The finish sees high strings making another entrance, to tie all of the elements together.

A bit 'harder' than the previous, aggressive drum kits pound out the intro on top of vocals and simple pianos. Another female vocal hits, alongside oscilated bass. Deep atmospheres, a nice sax line, and horns create a brilliant arrangement. You can “believe” that this one is worth playing through and listening to many times.

Fever's got it all going on. Dancefloor-moving bass, a wicked female vocal, sexy sax lines, perfectly programmed kits, and a seductive vibe to go along with it. Going back to the days of those soulful house-influenced vocals, that's what Fever's bringing to the floor. Close your eyes and fly away to this one. “So don't fight it”. What she said.

You want to dance? This one's yours! This catchy will-be-dancefloor smasher has the most perfect everything – bass, vocals, keys and drums. From the intro to the drop, you're going to love this. End the night with Perfect Life for a great dancefloor refresher.

As with the rest of the EP, deep bass and vocals are present here. Deep, dreamy, beautiful, and all you would expect from this brilliance. Definitely of the atmospheric and mystical quality, entrance dance floor goers with the mood of this one. The break drops sweetly, going into halftime, before the drums rush forth again.