Blu Saphir



KROT (Kiril Orlov) has began his career in 2006. His passion to drumandbass has developed in 1998 when Kirill was only 8 years old. He started to make music with FL Studio in 2005 and since then never changed the sequencer. His DJ career began later in 2007 at the club "Tunnel" and at "Sapphire". The same year Krot gets acquainted with Peter Shershnev (Selector) and they start to write actively collaborations.

Since 2007 he works hard on new tracks and raises his level. In 2008 Krot he got acquainted with Evgeniy Besman(Dj Bes) and both directly started to work on neurofunk tracks which have been supported by « ».

In beginning of 2009 he wrote a track called «Tourniquet» and signs it on mp3 label TAMP3CORDS which owner is DJ Bes, together with anpther two tracks. The «Tourniquet EP» has received a good feedback from Russian drumandbass listeners.

In the beginning of 2009 is perhaps the turning-point in his creativity. In 2012 he started collaboration with Place 2B(1/3 Teddy Killerz) was released on Trust In Music and it was first vinyl release in his career.