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Krizia Bassanini singer/songwriter of LaMeduza is based in Geneva, Switzerland and has Italian/Spanish and French origins. Krizia has been following a musical career since her early child-hood and finds herself graduating, in 2009, with a first class Bachelor in music from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) founded by Sir Paul McCartney. Krizia forms

LaMeduza in England and now actively pursues live representations of LaMeduza internationally. Her songs "A While Longer" & "Bit of This & That" have won her twice 1st prizes in the Apple Creative Talent Contest in 2008 & 2009. She has also taken part in the M4Music Contest in Zurich, Switzerland where two of her songs have been selected to be a part of the Best of Demotape Clinic, 2009 ("Pulse") and 2010 ("Deep Blue" a collaboration with Flowrian).

LaMeduza takes part in numerous collaborations worldwide via the Internet where she layers vocal melodies and lyrical lines.