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Loz Contreras & Flowrian – Sienta (Paul SG & Jay Rome Remix) / Don´t Care (Soultec Remix) (DIGIBLUS024)

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Originally released in 2012, Flowrian’s ‘Don’t Care’ and Loz Contreras’s ‘Sienta’ return in 2013 for the remix treatment by Blu Saphir label owner, Jay Rome, Paul SG, and Soultec. Like the difference between night and day, the very melodic originals are reworked into forward-driving soul machines

Loz Contreras, Flowrian

A: Sienta (Paul SG & Jay Rome Remix)
AA: Dont Care (Soultec Remix)

Support by:  LTJ Bukem, Marky, Fabio and Bryan Gee

Bryan Gee: "That remix u did for Loz so sick man can't keep my hands of it big up man what a roller...Bad remix man my fave ATM"

While the original focused on melodic placement and a hard drop to enter the midpoint of the tune, Paul SG and Jay Rome have turned this tune inside-out. Advancing drums crescendo the wind instruments in while angelic pads sweeten the deal. Great use of instrument arrangement and layering makes SIENTA REMIX a brilliant masterpiece!

Flowrian’s original has been revamped, intensified and given a dose of happiness for round two by the one, SOULTEC. The Black Reflections and Have-A-Break artist rolls out the classic amen before the break hits early. The piano and bass lull the listener into a trance before the breaks hit again. With such a lovely vocal, who wouldn’t want a second round? We at Blu Saphir care.