Blu Saphir




Since the music has become present in your life and especially rap, jungle and drum and bass -style in what is now one of the most active names in Brazil - formed the basis of their taste and their references as a DJ.

Always interested in music production, decided to devote himself entirely to music in 2003 when he created the core STRIKE MIX boiled in a collective of DJs and a weekly party that began in the Yellow Mark in Sao Paulo and then scored a season after several editions in the town of Maua in Sau Paulo.

LIQUID created in 2004, a festival that gave a new face to the drum and bass in Sao Paulo, whichpaved the way to show what was new in D&B world and today is one of the main nights of the style in Brazil.

In his work as producer, incorporates the search for new trends and bands and their languages have been gaining prominence and is present in DJs from countries like UK, USA, Portugal, Romania, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Chile, among others .

Mjazzy has released songs by Brazilian labels BMR and Tupy recordings by British stamps andSunrize Soundz Dream, Hue music by Mexican and recently launched in partnership with the DJChap LIQUID GOLD EP, the first release of the seal LIQ recordings.

In his sets explores a particular feeling that has taken him to perform at major clubs and festivals in Brazil as the Spirit of London Festival and in countries like Chile and Argentina.

In addition to his solo career, Mjazzy is also a member of the project along with Dj Rokers Luy anddubstep duo WEAPON.