Blu Saphir


Mr. Sizef

Anton Linnik began taking an interest in music aged just 7 years old and in 2006 began writing electronic music. What started as a hobby soon found a very important place in his life thanks in part to support from his good friend and musical collaborator Seva Unquote.

The first exposure of Mr Sizef’s music came from a well known Russian radio DJ named Gvozd and from Stunna of the USA but more prominent artists and labels soon took note. "Seven Tones Of Romantic" on Sync:Saphir LP, ‘Hours Have No Reverse Motion’ with Unquote appeared on dBridge & Instra:mental’s Autonomic Podcast and became an integral part of “The Future Sound Of Russia” compilation on Hospital Records. Releases on Alphacut, Warm Communications and other forward-thinking imprints followed.

Anton explains, “I try to tell certain romantic stories which develop and die away as the track develops, every note is a continuation of my thoughts and feelings!” This is music full of new ideas that does not adhere to the rules!