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Muffler – Can You Feel (Blu Saphir 015)

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Konsta Mikkonen aka Muffler has had quite the legendary career. Well known for a slew of releases on Urban Takeover in his early days, the man known as Muffler soon launched a label under his artist name and put out a foursome of twisted, techy bangers. Many will remember Muffler’s remix of label owner, DJ Rome and Twintone’s “I Try” from Blu Saphir’s third release five years ago, and we have brought him back with a single track. “Can You Feel” for the milestone fifteenth release. Muffler’s latest drum ‘n bass releases can be heard on the likes of Hospital, Spearhead, Disturbed, and Big Riddim, while also entering the dubstep arena with a fearsome pair of tracks for Dieselboy’s SubHuman label, featuring the mighty BARE on “Bloodsport.”


A: Can You Feel

Morose but soulful, Muffler’s latest for Blu Saphir fades in as if it were the preface of a dramatic scene. A sullen piano introduces the piece as the drums fade in. It isn’t long though before the snare and hi-hat quickly pick up speed and all energy is directed straight to the dancefloor. A very groovy, melodic number, Muffler entwines enticing female vocals that build up to the initial drop. Old school sounding in nature but definitely for the new crowd, the squelchy backdrop directs this chilled out roller to build in intensity, keeping the energy alive. The tune winds down, reintroducing the piano line and taking us with it on a gust of wind, exiting to an angelic silence.