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NME Click

NME CLICK [dsci4 | trust in music | mindtech | blu saphir ltd. | touchdown, ulm]

The *Nme Click* was founded in 1994. They promote the *Feeel* festival and the event-series *Touchdown*,*Noir* and *Echoes" From The Future*, but also other one-offs and side-events like *U.L.M. [United Local Musicians]*, *StepUp! Special*and more.

Since the beginning of 1998 they have been hosting their own radioshow *StepUp! Your Sound* on *Radio Free FM* [Livestream: via, Saturdays 19-22 h]. There one can catch exclusive appereances from local and [inter-]national DJs, listen to interviews, get info about the latest tunes and take part in competitions and more. Theyre always on the lookout for new talent to feature on the show, so feel free to get in touch with them and dont hesitate to send in mixes!

Their productions and collaborations with Dementia, Rregula, Zero Method, Goku or Rare:Groove are released on labels like DSCI4, Shadybrain, Climate, Icarus Audio,Basswerk and of cours Blu Saphir Limited. Their collaboration with Rregula intitled *Hells Beach* just apeared on the *Echoes From The Future* album by Rregula & Dementia and on 12" vinyl on Trust in Music. Next up is *Mirror* with Rregula on the french Mindtech label