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Paul SG & Jay Rome – Ocean Drive / Carmel Town (DIGIBLUS012)

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Blu Saphir OwnerJay Rome and Vienna transplant, Paul SG met in 2003, when Paul had submitted demos for release. After some years, Paul SG was signed to Good Looking Records. After many years of friendship, Paul and Jay began collaborating in 2010. The two realized what an immense pair they were after many successful creations. The duo has been signed to Bryan Gee’s Liquid V imprint for a compilation that will be released in the future

Paul SG & Jay Rome

A: Ocean Drive
AA: Caramel Town


Jump in the car and take a blissful ride down Ocean Drive. Beautifully composed and undoubtedly exquisite, lush vocal pads lace this upbeat, driven number. The intro crescendos into a lovely drop, re-accenting the initial elements and adding a bit more of a punch. Multi-layered vocals are always welcome in these chilled out numbers. A slight break lets the glory of Paul SG and Jay Rome shine through before the second drop hits. Rolling pass pounds this one straight to the floor!

Sounds like the Funky Drummer has come to town on this one. After breezing through a light, flute-infused intro, pads creep their way in and the music starts to roll! Deep sub-bass wobbles shoot straight to the bins while the jazz ensemble penetrates through rolling drums. The saxes make their way to the front to make you feel like you’re in school all over again. Listen to the dialogue at the mid-point. The speaker will tell you all about the things you need to know. Half-time steppin’ makes way to an abrupt halt… and the DROP! Wicked rollin’ goodness on this!