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Peyo is a man of many different styles. His creation of the signature “cinema-concert nights,” a distinctive “4-deck DJ-theater show” (performed alongside the Electrons Libres.) has opened eyes across the globe to new techniques in live music.

Playing everything from drum ‘n bass to breakbeat, electro, funk and soul, his impeccable, creative mixes have landed him a residency with the legendary Dragon Crew. Playing many shows across his home country and Europe with an impressive list of top notch producers to include Moby, Keaton, Dillinja, Amon Tobin, Shimon and MC Stamina, these credits have cemented his stature as a mixologist in the French drum ‘n bass scene for over a decade.

Peyo maintains a busy schedule with recent releases on Bingo Beats, Blu Saphir and Vandal, a weekly radio show on Toulouse’s FMR Radio with Redeyes, “Breakbeat Experience” and various guest appearances on premier broadcasts, including Fabio’s program on UK BBCFlight’s Next Chapter and Bailey’s Intabeats.