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Rizla & Krot feat. LaMeduza – My Only One / Wishes (Digital Blus 033)

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In mystic traditions, the number 33 is said to be the master number that unlocks the door to the soul, and we all know that quality drum 'n bass can generate the same effects. Put the two together and you have Digital Blus release number 33 featuring Rizla, Krot, and vocalist, LaMeduza. Previously releasing as solo artists under the flagship of Blu Saphir in past years, the trio comes together for a liquid-vibing, dancefloor pulsating, heart-opening experience.

Rizla & Krot & LaMeduza

A. Rizla & Krot ft. LaMeduza - My Only One
AA. Krot & Rizla - Wishes

Filtered drums and sweet key patterns bring LaMeduza's soulful voice into the mix. Perfect for any INTIMATE setting, big room event or festival, the jazzy vibes flow through this one with a wonderfully timed guitar improvisation. The madame says, “hold on to what makes you feel free,” and with something as free-flowing and blissful as this, we would advise to heed the direction. Another masterpiece indeed, shall we rewind?

This lovely roller by Krot & Rizla features everything there is to love about liquid drum 'n bass – rolling drums, luscious keys, heart-tugging strings, vocal snippets, horn riffs and, of course, masterful production. Starting out slow and building to the drop, filtered drums and soul-driven chords lead to a sudden half-time break. It's not long before the drop hits though, and everything is in full swing. Horns accent the already-blazing number. As the second half of the composition hits, you might convince yourself to stray from mixing out quickly. Giving the crowd another round is a great choice!