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Rowpieces – Eternal Peace / Cuban Jungle (DIGIBLUS027)

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Influenced heavily by hip-hop, Munich-based Rowpieces has been a connosieur of drum ‘n bass since the mid-nineties. His mission to create tracks that are both suitable for relaxing at home and dancing in a club has brought about worldwide acclaim, being signed to the likes of Soul Bros. Records, Good Looking, Fokuz, Celsius, Soul Deep, Jazzsticks and Phuzion Digital, he has gained support from an A-list of drum ‘n bass’ most notable names, including LTJ Bukem, Bryan Gee, Random Movement, Bailey, Nookie, Paul SG, and the entire crew at Bassdrive. In addition, Rowpieces boasts about his DJ mixes being unconventional, while using soul and funk-influenced records.


A. Eternal Peace
B. Cuban Jungle

Yet another very solid track by this gifted individual. This time, the magic comes in the form of liquid. Jazzy guitar, pads, and drums introduce the number. As the layering continues, resonance builds. Digitized effects add to the mood before the first breakdown comes. Deep bass and rhodes chords ring through the air. What transpires from here is all heart-centered music. The break brings another crescendo with jazzy guitar chords, filtered, reverberant drums and, you guessed it… the second drop. You’ll definitely get lost in the moment with this one.

Auto-panned bass fades in atop wooden block-sounding hits as a big ride cymbal crescendo drops the beat. Very similar to artists like Marky & XRS, Patlife, and Drumagick, the genre coined as “sambass” fits very well to describe Rowpieces’ dance-intoxicated number. Pianos and horns follow suit as luscious female vocals fill the air. Cue the heavy, resonant bassline. After what seems like eternity while waiting for the drop, horn stabs and a final fall-off cue the inhabitants of the dancefloor to go wild. Can we get a rewind please? Lucky for us, there’s the break and the second drop we have to look forward to. Trumpet melodies ring while a filtered spoken passage slithers through the background. Solid track!