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Roy Green & Protone feat. Boka Boka – Illusion / Tuesday Midnight Blues (BLUS016)

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From the same grounds that house the rising Blu Saphir empire, Austrians Roy Green & Protone feat. Boka Boka unleash a deep, techy and rolling duo of numbers – Tuesday Midnight Blues and Illusion. Originally formed in 2010 after a brief meeting at Austria’s Flex Club, the pair has accumulated signings with Fokuz Recordings, Citrus Recordings, Think Deep Recordings, and Textures Music Group. Future releases include collaborations on Fokuz, Citrus, Celsius, Soundtrax, Innerground, and many more.

Roy Green & Protone feat. Boka Boka

A: Tuesday Midnight Blues ( ft. Boka Boka )
B: Illusion

Support by: Bailey, Enei, Marky, Big Bud, Stunna, MsDos, LJHigh, Cohere, Atmospherix, Andi Sim, and M-Zine.


Rolling in with a variation of the infamous Shadowboxing break, multi-layered vocals ignite the flow of piano keys while esoteric soundscapes light up the horizon. A mighty crescendo drops Illusion into a pool of modulated, moving bass. As the break comes to pass, each instrument of the track reunites for a second time. Fans of Esoteric, Vampire UK, Darkestral, Influenza Media, Shogun, Exit, and Horizon should definitely give these two a go!


Swooned in by lightly modulated atmospheres, the journey begins as pads echo upon a pulsating, melodic ocean. An eerie underlay leads in the brief female vocal, while warmth engulfs the magical number. Squelched bass rushes in past the one- minute mark, while the vocal becomes looped and more drawn out.

Like the winter season, this piece of art is an endlessly evolving series of layers. Right when you believe Tuesday Midnight Blues is at its finest, another instrument gets thrown in. Absolutely brilliant start for Blu Saphir, Roy Green and Protone!