Blu Saphir


Sequent & Skruff – Various – Overdrive EP (Blu Saphir 048)

The Austrian duo of Sequent x Skruff come through on Blu Saphir once again with a fiver of deep bass-driven rollers for the dance floor massive. As we open back up to events, prepare for speakers to be rattling and feet to be touching down. They both have been making the rounds, with appearances on Sub Minded, Deep Within Records, Mainframe and Blu Saphir.

A: Overdrive
B: Omnipotent
C: Got It
D: Pieces
E: Pain

Support by: Logistics, John B, Chris.Su, C4C, Wingz and many more…

A grimy way to start off the EP – melodic soundscapes enter while neuro-esque squelches take over the foreground. The drop comes through, rolling the bass through the subs. If you’re a fan of the Metalheadz sound, this one is yours. Drum fills keep the vibe fresh with the capability to play this one in its entirety.

If you’re into 90s style rollers, this one is for you. Think of something like Kemal + Rob Data but with a deeper flare. Soul-shattering sub/reece bass climbs before the drop blows you apart. Amazing use of filters adds to the rollercoaster as deep female vocal calls permeate the backdrop.

Anthemic pads open up with old school vocal stabs as the trademark neuro hits make their entrance. The sub-bass makes its presence felt before deep drums hit the floor. We’re getting “swampy” with this one as the pads re-emerge to cause a brief moment of euphoria. As the dance opens back up in live settings, don’t be surprised to see the dancefloor explode upon the drop.

In classic liquid style, “saxy” hooks lead the way while pads and classic neuro rolls out (think classic Moving Shadow on this one). Simply put, Calyx and Rob Playford might want to take a listen to this one.

Switching up the vibes, rhodes keys and pads introduce hard-hitting sub-bass and a more half-step feel, before the drum ‘n bass feel we know comes blasting through. Classic liquid vibes on this one with the sweet female vocal. The half-time feel switches up throughout the piece as risers add depth. Perfect for the big floor or the lounge. Versatile and catchy. A tune for all audiences.