Blu Saphir




Sequent was born in Burgenland in Austria. In her early days she had a diverse interest in music especially in Drum and Bass.The initial point was when she listened to Commix - Be True where her older brothers were particularly a huge influence to her music background. She became absorbed into the Drum and Bass orbit at the cdjsearly age of fourteen and started to play vinyl 2 years later. 

With nineteen she moved to Vienna with her collaboration partner Skruff (who is also her real life partner) to build up a whole new career within the DnB business with her new alias "Sequent".
After a few years of practice she had her first official gig January this year in Vienna. She is also part of the Error Austria Crew hailing from Lower Austria. 

After releaseing her first solo and colabo tunes with Skruff on Blu Saphir she’s got even more motivated than ever to play and produce as much as possible.

Also watch out for his weekly Sunday sessions with her best mate Arash.