Blu Saphir




Vienna based DJ and producer Skruff is one to look out for in the Austrian Drum and Bass scene at the moment. He started mixing in 2008 and not long after he began to write his own tracks influenced by his love for Breakbeats in HipHop and Drum and Bass which leads to a nice mixture of jazzy elements, deep soundscapes and powerful groovy beats.

His musical journey was evolving as his debut single “Dark Matter / Money Drops” was released on the label ‘Sub Minded Records’. He got more and more established in the local scene with several gigs over Austria as well as a few international debuts like in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

He also teamed up with his partner in crime and fellow Austrian DJ/producer ‘Sequent’ for their first release on the label ‘Blu Saphir Recordings’ called ‘Thread’ EP which was the start for many more collaborations in the future. Such as two single releases on compilations LPs on ‘Mainframe Recordings’ and another track being released on a new established label called ‘Deep Within’. Plays on a national radio station such as FM4 and the support by the likes of Alibi, Camo & Krooked, Bladerunner, Logan D, DJ Marky, John B, C4C, etc. can only mean this artist is definitely one to keep your eye on