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Syren Rivers x M:FX – Changes / Glitch (Blu Saphir 045)

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The 45th release of Blu Saphir packs the same ammo as a loaded 45 revolver. Austrian producers M:FX, composed of Memory Effect and Martialistikz, joined forces in 2019, and have thus far had three releases on High Pressure Recordings, Fresh Recordings and Deep Within Recordings.

Joining them, is acclaimed songwriter & vocalist Syren Rivers. Performing from a very young age, Syren learned his craft and was opening for the likes of Jodeci, Brand Nubian, and Redman. Later years saw him charting with Smoke City and KV5 in the United Kingdom, as well as two top-selling singles on iTunes – Signed & Sealed and So Dangerous.
He has recorded for label giants, Sony, Warner, Chrysalis, and Universal, and more recently dropped singles with Da Lata and DJ Roska, and uses his talents to inspire and guide others to find their sound both in the recording studio and on stage.

BLUS045 – Syren Rivers & M:FX


Release date: 26.02.2021

SUPPORTED BY: John B, Etherwood, DJ Suv, Random Movement, North Base UK and many more.

Big pads and risers like ocean waves bring in the seagulls that would be this liquid chiller. Syren Rivers' soothing R&B style fits perfectly into the articulated drum patterns. Smooth falsettos and harmonies bring a freshness to the circuit. 2020 has been a year of ups and downs, and this tune is exactly what we need – “If the world is blind, then tell me where we're going”. Fill the streets with this one on loud speakers.

Classic liquid style brings forth some of the most real lyrics for these changing times. Syren's realistic outlook on reality is an invitation to evolve – even in the dance. Uplifting and soulful, we expect this will be slaying systems worldwide. Come the break, Syren switches up the style to the beloved emcee. The drop brings classic breaks and invites an invitation to listen – while beautifully twisting a duo of well-known hooks into the mix.