Blu Saphir



Technicolour (also known know as one part of Technimatic) is a 30 year-old music producer originally from Luton, now based in the industrial leviathan that is Byfleet, Surrey. He has been listening to fast electronic music ever since he tuned into Pressure FM in 1992 and heard Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era’s ‘Far Out’. His first musical purchase was the cassette version of The Bangles ‘Walk Like An Egyptian’, but in the interests of credibility we shall instead acknowledge his first ever vinyl purchase; Acen’s ‘Trip II The Moon’.

Along with an ongoing penchant for drum & bass in all it’s forms, the pale-skinned beardo got into lots of other great music during his formative years, particularly the 1970’s cosmic jazzfunk of Lonnie Liston Smith and Herbie Hancock, and Steely Dan's wonderously weird funk pop. In 2004 he bought a computer and started making drum & bass on it.

Since then, things have been progressing rather nicely, his tunes sounding less and less shit with every project. In 2006 the composition ‘Deep, Backward, Square’ was included on Knowledge Magazine’s ‘Best Unsigned Producers’ covermount CD, and later in the year 1Xtra chose the tune ‘Everything Is Everything’ to be included in their prestigious Cutting Room competition. Thanks to his massive extended family, the voting resulted in a victory. It also caught the ear of Ennex Records, who duly acquired the aforementioned track and released it in 2007.

Technicolour has been signed to Drumsound and Simon 'Bassline' Smith's Technique Recordings. He is very pleased about this and hopes to make lots of great music that they will want to release. Now he is as mentioned touring and producing with his partner as Technimatic.