Blu Saphir


TheEgo & DJ Roots ft. DJ Bassick – Akemi / Kidnapping (DIGIBLUS003)

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Leaves have fallen and the summer has passed. The sound of the sea moves on, but atop the crest of the freshest wave, South American producer, DJ Roots gives us a pair of collaborations to dance the night away. Become entranced by the swooning rhythms and stylish vocals of “Akemi” (with The Ego) and the mystifying “Kidnapping” (with Bassick). Surely not one to be missed!

TheEgo & DJ Roots

A. Akemi
B. Kidnapping

Fresh off the successful release of Blu Saphir triple-collab, “Conquest System,” Roots & The Ego jump onboard the digital port with this luscious, tantalizing vocal roller. A wondrous ecstasy of jazzy scat-style sounds beef up the tune while a stream of melodic pads completes the sphere of serenity.

A girl wants a certain man, and there’s nothing she won’t do to acquire him. This composition might do the same if you’re not careful. Each layer sweeps its way into the previous, attempting to knock the listener off their feet. Complex pads beautify the bassline, creating waves of aural euphoria by the tune’s end.