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TheEgo & DJ Roots ft Ill Esha – Conquest System / Universe (BLUS007)

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Blu Saphir could quite possibly be the next big thing in melodic drum &amp bass and, despite the long wait for the highly anticipated collaboration of Bungle, Roots and The Ego on “Conquest System,” The B side to this release makes it all worthwhile, featuring one of the most danceable tracks in the genre today.

TheEgo & DJ Roots ft Ill Esha

A:Conquest System

The delay on this mega-collaboration has seemed to be infinite, but Conquest System will finally see the light of day on Blu Saphir’s seventh release! Drop this on the big system and watch the crowd go crazy! Every time I hear this one in rotation, the melody immediately pulls me in. The flamenco-style guitars crescendo into the melody via a high-hat keeping time. These beautifully composed guitar riffs form the core, leading the way to an array of articulate drums and amazing sounds. You’ll want to put this one on repeat. One listen simply isn’t enough!

UNIVERSE (ft. Ill Esha)
My mouth hit the floor as soon as I heard this one. DJ Roots and The Ego create the backdrop while Ill-Esha sings her heart out in the foreground. If you’re a fan of vocals, you’re going to love this one. Her vivacious tones create the vibe on the dancefloor while the techy bassline forms a harmony that can’t be matched anywhere else. Universe is my pick on this release. Big up the Ego, Roots, Bungle and Ill-Esha on a job well done!

Both tunes have been played massively by: Marky, Bryan G, Jumping Jack Frost, G Dub, XRS, Kubiks &amp Lomax, Makoto, Syncopix and many others