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Tweakz ft. Afrabobo – Ease Your Mind / Liquid Vanity (DIGIBLUS044)

Tweakz · MIXES

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Tweakz hails from Hamburg, Germany. After being mesmerized by Pendulum in 2007, the journey began. Beginning to produce his own tracks in 2013, the young producer has releases on Syncopix Records, Urban Wildlife, Delta 9 and Sheer Velocity Recordings.


A. Ease Your Mind
B. Liquid Vanity

Ease Your Mind (ft. Afrabobo)
Classic liquid funk from Tweakz – Forward-driven drums, blissful pads and soulful bass put this one on the map. Another vocal roller for the dance floor, brings in memories of our late brother, Marcus Intalex. Blissfully programmed FX accent the key elements and turn it into a futuristic scenario.

Liquid Vanity ft. Afra Bobo
Tweakz and Afra Bobo light up the atmosphere with classic jungle breaks and atmospheres. As if we re-cued early 90s style drum 'n bass, Afra's soulful voice are a wonderful compliment to the dance-floor driven style. Chopped to perfection, with skillful effect processing/resampling Tweakz shows why he's one to watch. Mid-track, the drums are amped up by accented kick patterns reminiscent of High Contrast. This man is definitely one to watch.