Blu Saphir



Wave is a project created by Daniel Vergara in 2013 who since 2009 has been attending, studying and participating in the Bass Music scene in Bogotá. After participating in the movement as an assistant and finding a sound with which to identify, wave enters the movement as a promoter and dj on the scene of his hometown Duitama, since 2013 experimentation with bass music and his passion for the genre made him 2016 wave had its first publication with the Brazilian label promo audio [PADG065], a publication that had a warm reception from the world scene, as it drew the attention of relevant characters from the scene such as dj hype also had participation in the dj mag magazine Spain. Since then wave has been playing on different labels and has been collaborating with different artists achieving a fresh sound with which it has attracted the attention of other great legends of the dnb such as Elisa Do Brasil, London Elektricity and Fabio and Grooverider among others. Influenced by fast-paced dirty funk roller and strong techno traits and deeply focused on the dance floor, her compositions go through Drum and Bass. Jungle, Dubstep Footwork Wave is currently working with labels such as: strictly 170, Engage Audio; Reset Audio, True Color Records and TreeSounds music where wave is currently part of the creative team of this crew based in Bogotá Colombia